The Wilging Construction Process for Projects

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Undertaking a ‘Dream Project’ can be fairly intimidating regardless of the size of the undertaking. I recommend the following process because it has worked out well with my other customers.

  • First, get together face-to-face to talk about what you want to accomplish. My role at this point is to actively listen, ask questions, take a look at the ‘work area’ to help me visualize options, establish goals and parameters for the project. This can be the roughest step.
  • Second, meet again to review ideas and sketches that I believe incorporate your wishes. Solidify a design path. This will take more than a single meeting. Establishing a solid project parameter is important at this point so that a reasonable quote can be prepared.
  • Third, review a detailed quote to make certain you understand the cost to reach each of the parameters set in the previous step. At this point you will need time to think through the value you place on each of the parameters you set to determine that you still want to incorporate all of the items. When this is done we sign the agreement and I will get you a schedule for construction.
  • Fourth – Work begins!

Wilging Construction ProcessHere are some suggested magazines and books that might aid you in your search for ideas.


  • The Home Design Handbook: The Essential Planning Guide for Building, Buying or Remodeling a Home – by June Cotner and Steve Myrvang
  • The HomeRemodeling Management Book: How to Plan, Organize, and Maintain Control of Your Home Remodeling Project – by Kathryn Schmidt and Kathryn E. Schmidt